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Twas the Night Before Christmas…

What makes Christmas Special?  okay, I mean other than the stuff we learn as kids, celebrating Jesus’ Birthday, the magic of Santa Clause, the Shopping, The Big meals, and getting to stay home from school, and play with your cousins.  … Continue reading

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Where the hell is Matt – Inspires Me

you know how some cars have a bumbersticker that says “my other car is a (insert favorite car)”, well if my life had a bumbersticker on it, this would be it: Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding … Continue reading

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You Just Have To Start Somewhere

That is what this post is all about… I’ve discovered I’m like a lot of other folks, who one day woke up from their 9-5 coma and realized there is a whole world out there.  You could say I have … Continue reading

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