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So What is the SkipperVoyage all about?

Mainly The Skippervoyage is intented to be more about the journey than the destination.  Although the destination is the ultimate goal, I think there is a lot to learn along the way.  I know that standing in lines at airports, sitting on long plane flights, and sleeping on uncomfortable beds can really be a bummer, but there is so much more that defines traveling.

Who Am I: given name, Jeff, but Just call me ‘Skip’.

Contact Me: jt_skip@yahoo.com

Family: yep, Wife, two beautiful 5 yr olds, and a mutt named ‘Vern’

Profession: Currently I’m a software engineer, hopefully one day I’ll just be a traveler.

Dreams: All the time, mostly during the day, when I’m plugged into the corporate Matrix

Passions: Travel, Exploring, Writing

What I like To Read: See my Travel Resources Page


I really haven’t been blogging long enough to have any questions at all, Feel free to ask a question, And it will likely end up under FAQ – since Frequent is everything.

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