London Pubs

It is hard to miss the pubs when in London, they are located on almost every corner.  On my third night in London, one of my good friends from Spain arrived and we met up at a Pub near the Gloucester Tube station.

London Pub

The Pub culture is still alive and well in England, but it is important to know a little about the pubs.  We quickly figured out that there is a few chains of pubs (all owned by the same company), the food is all the same and the drink selection is basically the same.  These chain pubs are easy to spot, they have a chalkboard advert outside that says “Best Fish and Chips” & “New Menu“.  Not that I’m against a chain of pubs, if they came to the US, they would make a mint.  But I think we really sought out a more genuine experience… and soon we were able to pick out non-chain pubs.  I personally enjoyed some of the ‘family’ run places.

The food was actually pretty good at most pubs, with one exception… I finally broke down and ordered the fish and chips at one place… look like it was run by a couple of sisters.  At first they said that they were all out… but the cook found one last piece of fish – that was my last and only clue.  I could have gone the whole trip without going down the bad food isle.

They all seemed to have Bulmers Pear cider, and on a few occassions, I even found my beloved Swedish Pear Cider.

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