Departure Day has arrived

After only a few weeks of planning, My mini-adventure is set to start.   I’m about an Hour out from leaving for the Airport, and I think I have everything I need, neatly pack away into my backpack.  I’m a little nervous about the Backpack thing, not that it is any different than any other bag.   I have at least 4 nights at the holiday Inn, the other nights I’m gonna try these Budget accommodations and see how that works out…

I’ve loaded up the Ipod with tones of podcast, so I should be able to keep myself entertained for the next week – if Les Stroud (survivorman) can do it, surely I can survive a week in London, right?

So looking at my checklist… I need to get a travel card once I arrive, make my way to hotel, get some money, and then start exploring – I’m going to try to come up with a more specific plan once I’m on the plane.



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