Around the World in 80 seconds

If your as old as I am, you might remember life before the Internet.  Not that I’m that old… but lets just say I’m still fascinated with the fact that our World has become so ‘Global‘.   Every morning one of my favorite things to do is take an 80 second tour around the world.  Here try it out…

Stockholm – one of my favorite all all time views of the Stockholm harbor

Venice – who wouldn’t enjoy coffee at this place?

Germany – This is also a very nice View

Ireland – The Emerald Island.

Tokyo – Busy, busy Tokyo.

Australia Snow cams – Love it when it snows in Australia, it is usually during our summer.

Melbourne – this could be a better cam, but I’d love to visit this city.

Africa – This is an awesome view of the water hole.

Capetown – Wish I could be in Capetown!

So as I sit in my PJ’s sipping my Coffee, I can virtually see the chilly air in the Stockholm Harbor, or the warm sunshine on a Capetown beach,  and many other places in-between.

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